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I Don't Wanna
Hey, it’s not for everybody. Anybody could do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but not everybody can do the Sober Cookie™ Challenge. It’s way too tough, and takes too much commitment. We can think of plenty of reasons you might not want to do the Sober Cookie™ Challenge:
You love your cookies
No kidding. Us, too. It’s a sacrifice to show love and support for people in addiction. It’s not really about the cookies at all.
You already know what addiction feels like
Britt Grogan, Desert Rose’s Recovery Ambassador, is 2 years clean from her drug addiction and alcoholism. “I’m a drug addict,” she said, when she heard about the Sober Cookie™ Challenge. “I kinda already get it. Do I have to give up Christmas cookies too?” No, Britt. You don’t. This isn’t for addicts or people in recovery. It’s for the rest of the world.
It's hard work
Our friend Doug told us flat out, “No way. I’ll give to whatever charity you want. But I’m not doin’ it.” In lieu of doing the Sober Cookie™ Challenge, you certainly can donate to a cause of your choice, especially if it’s in memory or honor of someone in addiction. But the primary goal of this year’s idea Sober Cookie Challenge™ is to generate empathy and awareness.
Addiction hasn't touched your life
Fewer and fewer people will be able to say this, as addiction touches more families every day. According to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, roughly one in 10 Americans over the age of 12 is addicted to drugs or alcohol – that’s 23.5 million people. The opioid epidemic takes 135 lives a day. If you don’t know a single person impacted by addiction, you’re among the lucky and the few. 
Addiction isn't a cause you can get behind
A lot of people think addiction is a choice, or a lack of willpower, or a character defect. It isn’t. Addiction is a disease of the brain. 
You’ve gotten this far, so you’re engaged (and maybe curious). You’ve been part of the Sober Cookie™ Challenge, because it’s all about awareness and empathy, and beginning a conversation. Even reflecting on why you don’t want to do it means you’ve spent time thinking about the struggles of people in addiction and recovery. 
Here are few resources to help you learn more:
If someone you know is struggling with addiction,
Desert Rose can help. Call (844) 338-5587
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