Post it, tweet it, tell a friend:
“I’m not eating any cookies this holiday season.”
Why on earth would I do that?
To show support & understanding for people in addiction and recovery.
How will that help?
When you have to say “no” over and over, you’ll get the tiniest hint  of how hard it is to stay clean & sober. You may experience:
  • Powerful physical cravings, driven by your brain’s desire for that            little dopamine rush you get from something sweet.
  •  Peer pressure. (“Can’t you have just one?”)
  •  Relapse when you break down and have one... or more.
  •  Temptation, because holiday cookies are everywhere.
  •  Feeling left out: Suddenly, you can’t fully partake of a cherished              tradition, something everyone else gets to enjoy.
Why is it valuable?
Everyone wants to be understood. By joining this movement, you’ll  be telling people in addiction and recovery, “I felt a little bit of what it might be like for you, physically and emotionally. It was so hard.”
I don’t want to. I like my cookies.
Us, too. But if you think giving up a cookie is tough, try rehab.
Join the #sobercookie movement today!
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