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You define your Sober Cookie™ Challenge.
Do it for a day, or a week, or through the New Year. 
 Announce it any way you want.
We only ask three things:
  • Announce to the world (using #sobercookie) that you’re in. Post a video or photo. Tell your neighbors. Challenge your friends.
  •  Use the hashtag #sobercookie whenever you post. 
  •  Most important: Remember it’s about raising awareness, developing empathy, and showing support for people in addiction and recovery. Tune in to the cravings, temptations, and feelings – and keep sharing your experiences all throughout your challenge. 
Not sure how to declare your Sober Cookie™ Challenge commitment?

Here are some photo/video ideas* 
  • Ask a friend to write #sobercookie on your forehead. In icing. 
  •  Sew a giant cookie costume and walk around the mall in it. 
  •  Freeze a bag of your Grandma’s homemade cookies in a block of ice. (Bonus: You’ll get to eat them eventually.) 
  •  Put a cookie in a plastic bag and tape it to your fridge. 
  •  Compose and perform an original #sobercookie song. 
  •  Lock a tin of cookies away in your safe. Or in your safety deposit box.
  •  Place a cookie-scented candle on your desk at work. 
  •  Write #sobercookie on your car windows in washable auto marker.
  •  Hang a cookie ornament your Christmas tree, or make your own #sobercookie ornament. 
  •  Take it a step further – decorate an entire tree with cookie ornaments. 
  •  Shave #sobercookie into your hair. 
  •  Deliver a batch of cookies to a homeless shelter. 
  •  Hire a skywriter. 
  •  Sit on Santa’s lap holding your #sobercookie sign. 
  •  Write #sobercookie on your dog in pet paint.
  •  Leave a plate of cookies, covered in plastic wrap, on your kitchen counter, and post a daily photo to prove they’re all still there. 
  •  Download some Tag Cards, attach a cookie to each one, and give them out. 
  •  Needlepoint a pillow with #sobercookie.
  •  Give a cookie to a child, and then take it away. (We recommend this only if you’re a very mean person to begin with.) 
  •  Send out #sobercookie Christmas cards. 
  •  Duct-tape your mouth shut. (Temporarily only, please. We don’t want this to end badly.) 
  •  Choreograph the world’s first #sobercookie ballet. 
  •  Stand in the cookie aisle in the grocery store or in front of the cookie case at a bakery. 
  •  Bake a giant cookie, and ice it with the words I’m in! #sobercookie 2017.
  •  Run a 5K in a #sobercookie tee shirt or jacket. 
You get the picture. There are a million ways to tell the world you’re in, and we know you’ll surprise us with your heart and your creativity. 

*Whatever you choose, we encourage you not to throw away cookies or be wasteful with food. Too many people go to bed hungry every day.
If someone you know is struggling with addiction,
Desert Rose can help. Call (844) 338-5587
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